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Massage Therapy H120406


Meeting Times
Estimated Cost
Day / Evening
12/06/2021M 8am-1pm; T-F 8am-2pm

Course Info

Length:  Day: 9 Months (750 Clock Hours)     
Day Schedule:  Monday 8 am-1 pm; Tuesday-Friday 8 am-2 pm

(Summer schedule) Monday- Thursday 8 am - 2:45 pm

Massage Therapy Standards:
CASAS (Reading and Math) Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Test Scores: 244 in Reading, 608 Language, 236 in Math OR meet TABE exemption (refer to Admissions and Testing)  

Program Requirements:         

  • Classroom observation for 2 1/2 hrs. (8:00 - 2pm)
  • Physical examination/immunizations 
  • Background check 
  • Drug screenings

2020-2021 Curriculum Framework

Program Description
The Massage Therapy program prepares students to enter the massage field as experienced entry-level therapists. They perform medium to deep therapeutic massage techniques for general wellness, stress reduction and preventive maintenance.

Training covers learning and perfecting body awareness, body mechanics, integrated massage techniques, joint range of motion, ethics, and Florida law. A major component of the massage program requires students to master anatomy and physiology, medical  terminology, and pathology, as well as learning bones and muscles of the body.

Students learn to assess clients using a health history form, dialogue, visual observation, and palpation. Students also learn to demonstrate basic business and marketing skills, professionalism as well as hydrotherapy treatment. Incorporated in the program is a massage clinical in which clients set up an appointment for a therapeutic massage in the classroom setting.

Students need to be aware that physical limitations may hinder them from completing the program or working in the field of massage. 

Mandatory Graduation Requirements: Students must submit a completed application for the MBLEx Exam for $195. Students will also apply for Florida State licensure at the cost of $155.

Book and Supply Information  
For the most current list of books and supplies, please contact the Student Services Office, Financial Aid Office or our Bookstore. 

Employment/Career Opportunities
Graduates are qualified to seek employment in doctors' offices, rehabilitation centers, health clubs, spas, beauty salons and massage clinics. Most Massage Therapists are considered to be a contractor; please note that it may take 3-5 years to grow a sustainable business.

Salaries for graduates range from $12.62-$16.82 per massage, commission-based, and/or self-employed. Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics

A history of drug and/or alcohol abuse may adversely affect your ability to become licensed in the field of Massage Therapy. We encourage you to consider your personal history when making an appropriate career choice. 

Students entering all health programs with a clinical study requirement are subject to a criminal background check and/or random drug screenings at their own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I choose Erwin's Massage Therapy Program?

  • Quality education at a centrally located public school in Tampa, Florida
  • Affordable tuition
  • Financial aid available (Pell Grant)
  • Highly qualified, experienced instructor
  • High percentage of graduates pass the MBLEx Exam
  • Our school and the Massage Therapy program are fully accredited by the Commission on Education (COE)
  • Massage Therapy program was Established in 1996
  • No high pressure techniques - Our placement and licensure rates speak for themselves
  • Our school is the BEST kept secret in Tampa, Florida. Check us out!

What massage techniques do students learn in this program?
Students learn to touch the body in an appropriate non-threatening manner with focus and intention. Deep Swedish and integrated-style massage is taught; foot reflexology, energetic touch, chair massage, Thai table 1 and therapeutic massage techniques are also introduced and practiced in the classroom setting. 

How much hands-on work is required?
Students complete 250 hours of classroom hands-on training and 25 outside massages. Students purchase massage supplies such as oils, linens, towels, and a massage table. 

What is the employment potential in the Tampa, Florida area?
There are jobs available for those who are flexible and able to work part-time hours in the evenings and on weekends. Licensed massage therapists generally work 10-25 hours per week. Career development skills are woven into class discussions.

What opportunities for advancement exist in this field?

Advancements are all self-motivated. The majority of successful therapists eventually become self-employed. Therapists take workshops to enhance their techniques and they specialize in various modalities as they develop their skills as professional therapists.

What is involved in obtaining my license?

The purpose of the Massage Therapy course is to enhance the health-care profession by providing therapists who are well-trained in the art of touch. Graduates are prepared to take and pass the MBLEx Exam.

Since this is a Massage job training program, it is mandatory that students take the NCBTMB Exam and/or the MBLEx Exam, apply for Florida State licensure and work as massage therapists. During the last month of the program, students submit their final career development business portfolio.

Part of this business project criteria is to complete the NCBTMB Exam or the MBLEx Exam application form online and submit payment. You will also be applying for licensure through the Florida Board of Massage Therapy and submitting payment. 

The National-type examination is administered on an electronic testing system through computer terminals. There are several testing sites in the Tampa Bay area.

Confirmation and test site locations are sent to student applicants with instructions to call for an appointment to take the exam.  This happens after their exam application has been accepted and approved.

Students receive their results immediately at the testing site after taking the required examination. Massage therapists cannot practice until their license is received through the mail from the Board of Massage Therapy.

Will I be able to start my own business upon completion of this program?
It is recommended that you work for an employer first unless you have money saved or financial backing. It takes about 3-5 years to build a clientele base to support a full-time business which is about 20-30 hours per week.

You must enjoy working with people and facilitating their healing process. Good communication skills and business skills are important in this field.

Are there additional expenses for the course besides tuition and books/supplies? 
Students purchase their own massage supplies (oils, linens, towels, pillows, etc.), as well as, eventually purchasing their massage table.

Is job placement available upon graduation? 
Advisory committee representatives and teachers provide students with guidance and recommendations.

How can I learn more about this career field?
Click here for more information


 For questions regarding the program please contact:  

Council on Occupational Education

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