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General Information

Admissions Requirements: Erwin Technical College is a post-secondary adult institution which is an extension of Hillsborough County Public Schools.  Erwin's career-focused training offers adults the opportunity to develop skills for a new career or professional growth. Individual programs have specific admissions requirements, which may include a standard high school diploma (or GED) or other documents. Once prospective students have completed all admissions requirements for their program of interest, they will be placed on a list for the next available starting date of the program, on a first-come, first-enrolled, basis.  Prior student debit must be paid in full before registering for any programs/classes.

Note: Any transcripts, diplomas, or degrees from foreign institutions must be translated into English and certified as equivalent to a standard U.S. credential by a licensed foreign credential company. Passing TABE test scores are also required when submitting an international diploma or degree.

Individual programs require varying levels of basic skills. A standard, approved high school diploma or GED is required for some programs. Click the link to view accrediting associations accepted by Erwin Technical College. 


  • Email the appropriate Guidance Counselor/Program Advisor to arrange a time meet and apply for the program.
  • Complete the Adult Student Information Form (ASIF)
Student must bring the following:
  • Proof of Residency (residency is defined as 1 year plus 1 month) with appropriate documentation, such as voter registration, vehicle registration, etc
  • Proof of valid Driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID.
  • Proof a valid standard high school diploma or GED.
To officially register students must pay the non-refundable application/registration fee via money order or credit card. (additional fees may be necessary.)



Last updated on 10/13/2021
Council on Occupational Education

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