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HEERF Quarterly Report

Mission Statement

Erwin Technical College will produce quality, productive team members for the workforce and for the community.

Vision Statement 
Erwin Technical College will:  

  • Empower students to take ownership of their education
  • Educate students to be highly-trained, productive members of society 
  • Provide an environment for the achievement of higher education, focusing on technology, job preparation and personal growth.


Questions about a Program?

Click on the Full Time Program tab above to find specific program info and for email link to Advisor of that program. 


DURING COVID-19, as part of the Hillsborough County Public School District, Erwin Technical College campus will have limited public access. Perspective students may contact the Program Advisor/Guidance Counselor to schedule an appointment. See specific program information. 



At Erwin Technical College, the sky is the limit!

In as little as 12-15 months*, we have the programs that will jump start your learning and prepare you for the career of your dreams.

We connect our learning programs to meet with the high demand job market in the  business, industrial, design, and medical fields.  


It's never too late for learning!  We offer Adult based GED classes that are designed to flow with your learning pace.  Day and evening classes are now available. 

Develop a new skill... get certified... learn a trade

Erwin has part time classes in welding, braiding and much more. These part-time classes are designed to be taken in the evenings and typically require about 2 months to complete.

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